Humanimal is the name of a project created to promote awareness about the relationship between human beings and other animals.

It aims to promote a reconsideration of the position, the condition and the rights of  both men and animals, in order to improve their lives and create a truly human society.

In this site you can find the first two projects that have been completed so far:


- The book "Humanimal"

- The application "VegQuotes"


The relationship between men and animals has always been fascinating and controversial. Man can not forget that he's basically an animal himself and he shares a common past and origin with other species that inhabit the planet with him. At the same time, man has a privileged position in this planet, a position of great power, and, therfore, of great responsibility.

From antiquity to the present day, great thinkers, philosophers, men of culture and science, spiritual leaders and politicians, but also ordinary people, meditating and honestly questioning themselves about roles, rights, duties, capabilities and nature of men and animals, have recognized that the sanctity of life and the right to a free and painless existence are universal.

Acknowledging these principles is of utmost importance not only for animals, but for nature as a whole and for man himself, primarily for his intellectual and moral dimension, if he really claims a position of superiority in name of it.

This book reports the thoughts, from the funniest to the most solemn, of who, before us, has had the humility, the courage and the intelligence to question about his position in the world and the one of who else is in the same world with him; it prompts to meditate and opens our eyes to what is often overlooked, hidden or disguised in the name of peaceful living and convenience, at the expense of those qualities of morality, justice and rationality that we are supposed to be identified by; it makes us understand that sometimes the boundaries between being "animal" and being "human" are not so clear, and that humans, assumed champions of civilization and highest point of evolution, behave in a way we wouldn't hesitate to define as "animal", and sometimes animals have behaviours that are a true example of humanity.